Pull Off Force Measurement for Crimp Connector

The definitive metric for establishing the quality of a connector or terminal crimp is the force required to pull the terminal off the wire. Crimp connectors used on power cables up to 30KV are designed and type tested to the European standard EN61238-1:2003 The subsequent bonding of the connector to the wire is done with a crimp tool usually specifically designed and supplied by the crimp connector manufacturer. It is the quality and consistency of this crimping process that is the subject of pull testing during the production of a cable harness. This testing is less stringent than the type testing outlined in the above standard and is usually specified by the connector manufacturer. As such absolute accuracy is less important than consistency as the procedure is designed to highlight problems with the tool operation not the crimp design.

Pull Off Test Sample Crimps

Pull Test Results on batch of 10mm crimp connectors