DFTS5000 Test Stand

The DFTS5000 Motorised test stand is available from £1,990.00 Excl. VAT

(contact dilanti.id@gmail.com )

Test Stand with external gauge

Basic 5KN Motorised Test Stand, shown with external loadcell and force gauge


The DFTS5000 is a 5KN capacity, digitally controlled force application test stand.The frequency of the motor supply (hence the speed of travel) is set from the GUI software by altering the value of a modbus register. Drive and direction are actioned by a single button press on the GUI or via front panel buttons if local mode selected.Overload protection and overtravel limit switches are provided to halt the drive.

VFD User Interface Panel

Drive GUI Software

Full details of the MODBUS RS485 serial interface protocol can found for the VFD-EL series drive manual.


Load 5000N, 500KgF
Speed 20 – 240mm/min
Travel 200mm
Aperture 450mm (inc travel)
Upper Fixture M12 Screw
Lower fixture M10 insert
Supply 240V ac, 50Hz, 1.0A


Support can be provided to integrate the test stand into any existing test system. Example VI’s are available for LABview.

DFTS5000 controlled by LABview Virtual Instrument

Labview VI demo controlling test stand


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