DFTS5000i Digital Force Test System

This version of the motorised test stand is supplied as a complete force test sytem with fitted panel meter and loadcell compatible with the RS485/Modbus communication link, enabling control and monitoring via a remote computer.

Digital force test system with computer interface

Force Test Stand with integrated meter

Available from £2,890.00 Excl. VAT (contact dilanti.id@gmail.com )

The panel meter shown is the Tracker 224 from Data Track Process Instruments. Details can be found on www.dtrack.com this instrument provides basic functionality. Improved performance is expected from the DP63000 series (currently testing) from Omega, data sheet and manual available from www.omega.co.uk due to more compatible input range and increased communication speed.

Example LabVIEW VI.

LabVIEW User Interface for Test Stand

Control Panel for operating test stand developed in LabVIEW


Load 5000N, 500KgF
Speed 20 – 240mm/min
Travel 200mm
Aperture 450mm (inc travel)
Upper Fixture M12 Screw
Lower fixture M10 insert
Supply 240V ac, 50Hz, 1.0A


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