Crimp Joint Testing

The objective of a crimp connection is to form a gastight cold weld of the component parts (wire and connector). Thus forming a corrosion free, highly reliable connection.

BS EN 60352-2:2006 is the European standard for solderless connections, full title “Solderless connections. Crimped connections. General requirements, test methods and practical guidance”. The retention force achieved by the wire in the crimp part of the terminal is the main parameter used in assessing the quality of the crimp connection.

EN 60352-2:2006, IEC 60352-2:2006 are identical.

Crimp terminology

Details of the wire crimp terminology

The retention force in crimp joint testing only applies to the cold weld, so in the example above some preparation is required before a force test can be carried out. In this instance the contribution from insulation gripping part of the connector has to be nullified. This can be done by opening that part of the crimp or severing it.

Pull off force in newtons

Force Retention Table